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Barb Stegemann was born in Montreal, Quebec and holds degrees in Sociology and Journalism from the University of King’s College. Barb built her own boutique PR firm and created innovative, award winning campaigns that garnered private sector and government funding and won numerous marketing awards from the Economic Developers’ Association of Canada while living in British Columbia.

Barb is made first Female Honorary Colonel at 14 Wing Greenwood

After Barb’s best friend was wounded in Afghanistan in 2006, she spent a year of visits in the hospital with him and his family and set out to support his mission of economic empowerment for others and created a new business model that supports trade with nations experiencing war or strife. She launched The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc., a company that began by sourcing essential oils distilled from legal crops to provide an alternative to the illegal poppy crop for farmers.

The delicate fragrance line is the thesis in her best-selling book brought to reality; that women can flex their buying power to affect change and reverse issues of war and poverty. She dedicated her self-published book to her best friend, Captain Green, and it is now a best seller in its 3rd edition

Barb Stegemann and Mike Velemirovich Barb Stegemann appears on Dragons Den

Barb is photographed with partner Mike Velemirovich after being sworn in as Honorary Colonel for the Royal Canadian Air Force

Barb pitches to the Dragons on
CBC’s Dragons’ Den

Barb is the first woman from Atlantic Canada to have successfully pitched and landed a venture capital deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. She was nominated as one of Chatelaine’s Women of the Year, Entrepreneur category 2011, nominated for the Manning Innovation Award 2011 and received the Women Innovator’s Award 2011 from the US State Department for the Economy of Canada.

She is one of the few Women in Canada to have been made an Honorary Colonel for the Royal Canadian Air Force and is the first female to receive this honour for her base, 14 Wing Greenwood.

Barb and her partner, Mike Velemirovich, live in Bedford, Nova Scotia and love to rave about their four children: Bella, Victor, Brett & Taylor.

 I am an incredibly grateful Canadian. Though I have humble roots, this country of opportunity has allowed me to grow into a university-educated woman with two successful companies. Now many countries in this world offer all their citizens the chance to experiment with learning and personal pursuits without judgement or punishment for expressing themselves. In the same way Canada has unlocked opportunities for me, I feel it is our responsibility to swing open the doors to the banquet and allow others to rise to their potential through economic empowerment.  

Excerpt from That’ll Never Work – Business lessons from Successful Canadian Entreprenurs

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Barb’s pitch to the Dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den

 People sometimes ask how they can tap
into their own vision and follow it. I tell them to merge what they most want to change in the world with what they most want to do. Their burning desire to see change will drive them, while their newfound career control will bring them enormous satisfaction. Trust that if it hasn’t been done before, you’re probably on your way to doing something unique and significant. Don’t worry, there is no book, there is no guideline; you’re going to
create it. 

Barb’s thoughts on taking risk -
passion plus mission